Stanky Dragon Inn


The last inn before Stavleton, or the first inn after leaving it. It’s about half an hour’s carriage ride to the edge of the city proper, and as such people looking to get away from their urban setting might spend a day off there, where they are unlikely to be bothered.

Points of Interest

The Stanky Dragon is a repugnant reputable establishment, which usually manages to avoid dangerously rough customers because it has nothing worth stealing. There are one or two poorly kept rooms for travelers to stay the night, but other than that the inn is limited to its less-than-fine dining area.

Related Characters

Our heroes have all found themselves at this place at the same time at the start of our tale, though it is up to each player to explain how their character got there. Mr Humperdink is the barkeep and all-around overseer of the inn. Rumors have also spread that Ophelia von Westerchops has been spotted at the bar, but most do not believe them, simply because the Stanky Dragon is not so often frequented by high society.

Stanky Dragon Inn

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